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About Philanthropotamus

UK Charities must register a description of their activities with the UK Charity Commission. Philanthropotamus picks two charities at random, shows you their 'activity description' and asks you to choose which one sounds most beneficial.

How you choose to interpret that question - beneficial to mankind? beneficial to your neighbourhood? - is up to you.

Philanthropotamus keeps track of a 'score' for each charity based on how many times they are chosen. Over time, with enough clicks, this might produce some useful data, such as: Which charities are generally rated 'most beneficial' by people and how does that correlate with their size and income?

To see the current scores for the charities, click here.

How and Why

Philanthropotamus was built in 24 hours for the CharityHack 2012 hackathon.

The charities data comes from, who in turn got the data from the UK Charities Commission.

Where possible, after clicking, Philanthropotamus will link to JustGiving to allow you to make a donation to the chosen charity if you wish.

Philanthropotamus is open-source and the code is available on GitHub